View from the back


I have the best assistant in the world.

While I am busy running after the bride and the bridal party, she is usually getting some of my favorite shots of the event. The tiny details that the bride and groom considered for months before their beautiful day. She gets them all, and it always ends in a fantastic conversation with the couple of how each choice was made.

The view from the back is sometimes just as important as the view from the front. We give that just as much of our attention. One more way we approach photography with a new slant.

A different angle

Welcome to Slant! View photography from a different angle.

For me, shooting a photograph isn’t just about snapping a posed figure… it’s about getting into character and capturing the different moods and emotions as the essence of that figure emerges.

As with all forms of art the process is quite individualistic and borne from within the vision of the person who is creating it. It all begins with a concept and develops from there. For me it all has to do with telling a story through pictures which can provide either a narrative, that is directly stated within the image or left to the imagination to be further interpreted by the viewer.