Latex Styling and Hire

Latex Styling and Hire


Shooting the Shiny has accumulated a bit of a latex collection over the years and many of these pieces are available to hire as part of shoot days. If you would like to hire a number of outfits and/or need a latex stylist for your shoot day – someone to oversee handling, dressing, shining and making sure the latex looks right during shooting – please get in touch to arrange a viewing and chat through your requirements.

Additionally, I have been fortunate to acquire some unique latex pieces, including inflatables from Pretty Pervy and vintage pieces from the likes of Pigalle and Anatomic Bomb. Some of these are available to hire for shoots, but as they are one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable pieces of latex couture history, they come with the following terms and conditions:

  • pieces are transported to the shoot, not sent in the post (new policy after one item was damaged in transit)
  • models using them must have decent experience of wearing latex (‘decent experience’ to be discussed)
  • if pieces are to be used outdoors, it should be for as little time as possible to minimise UV exposure
  • hire of these pieces includes me as stylist so that all appropriate care can be taken

With those precautions in place, there shouldn’t be any problems, but if the worst should occur, please note the following:

  • repairable damage will be charged at the cost of repair
  • irreparable damage to these pieces will incur a pre-agreed fee

This assumes damage caused someone other than me – if it’s my fault, it’s my problem…

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