Shooting the Shiny: “Latex Photography for the discerning collector, designer and kinkster.”

Hello! Here's a little bit about me:


I'm a long-time photographer and latex enthusiast and I combine artistic vision, lighting control and a passion for all things latex, to bringing your rubbery story to life.


Latex is a photographic dream, accentuating form and creating wonderful visual interest in images. But it can also be a photographic nightmare, needing proper preparation, handling and lighting to ensure it looks its best. Years of dealing with latex, working with designers and attending events has given me a wealth of experience in understanding how to get the best out of the material and the pitfalls to avoid when dealing with it.


In all this talk about latex, please don't think I've forgotten the person (or people) wearing it! I am, first and foremost, a people photographer and it is my job to ensure you look incredible. I've had the privilege of photographing latex veterans and first-timers, so whatever end of the latex spectrum you occupy, you're in safe hands!


Whether you need images for web, print, wall art or as a private collector, please get in touch to discuss your project - I look forward to hearing from you!

What can I do for you?



Shoot your latex (or latex from my collection) on your chosen subject(s) as per your requirements. I can recommend make up/hair stylists or liaise and work with yours to achieve the looks you want.




Shoot your latex on your chosen model(s) for your web/print campaigns, ensuring that all images are prepared appropriately for their end use. I will liaise with you, your make up artist(s), hair stylist(s) and indeed, your whole creative team, to ensure that we get the images you need.




New outfit? A special gift for someone? Just because you look fabulous? Whatever the reason, I can create the images you want.

The Studio


My studio is a comfortable and professional space and comes with facilities to ensure that your shoot is an enjoyable one. Facilities include:

  • on-site parking
  • Wi-FI
  • make up and changing area
  • rest and relaxation area
  • disabled access and toilet
  • catering available on request



+44 (0)7543 793541